Affiliated to Bankura University
NAAC Accredited with Grade-B
P.O. & P.S. - Barjora, Dist- Bankura, Pin- 722202, West Bengal

About The Department

Established in 2006 to offer undergraduate GEOGRAPHY programmes, Department of GEOGRAPHY, Barjora College, is presently a well established learning centre of Geography at the undergraduate level in Barjora, a census town of Bankura district. The Department of Geography spread its petals of journey from the 2006-07 academic session and the honours course of studies was introduced subsequently in 2010. Currently the Department is served by four faculty members along with one non-teaching staff. Teaching staff of the department discharge their duties for the all-round development of the students. The department achieves its academic excellence in experiential learning through organized participation of teachers and students in the educational excursions to places of geographical interests for Field Survey (as per the prescribed Curriculum of Burdwan and Bankura University; compulsory in practical paper), with the objective to develop awareness and perception about a new place within its geographical and socio–economic environment. The department has produced brilliant graduates to prove its accountability in higher education. The perfect blend of experienced and young faculty members in the department reaches its planned goals of student outcome through team work. The department was affiliated to The University of Burdwan till June 2016, and subsequently to the newly established BANKURA UNIVERSITY in the academic session 2017-2018. 

Mission of the Department

To promote higher education and progression of students to reputed positions is the mission of the department. The department is working to make the students more informed of the subject concerned in general and to inspire them for the development of community and to shape them as good citizens in particular. Quality teaching of the department ensures subject enrichment of students to ensure their further progression to higher studies and career opportunities. 

Programmes offered

Thedepartment presently offers two undergraduate programmes, namely B.Sc. Honours and B.Sc. Program in Geography under the affiliation of BANKURA UNIVERSITY. Generic Courses in Geography are also offered by the department. BARJORA COLLEGE DEPARTMENT OF GEOGRAPHY DEPARTMENTAL PROFILE 2 

Teaching, Learning and Evaluation

Teaching and learning through student centric approaches is the unique aspect of the department since its inception. Both offline and online methods are adopted to implement learning through faculty-student relationship with the application of technology. Class tests, group discussion, viva-voce, asking questions during classes and receiving learning feedback from students are some of the formative assessment strategies of the department. Every year, student progression to higher studies such as M.Sc. in Geography, M.Sc. in Geoinformatics and other professional courses has been observed. The final semester results show increasing trend in the number of students securing 1st Class marks. 

Research Activities

Research activities require special mention for the department in the present scenario. The teaching and learning process is research oriented to promote the academic culture of the department. Faculty members regularly publish research papers. Publications in referred journals of national and international repute. Two UGC Minor Research Projects has been completed by Dr.PapiaNandyPalit. 

Student Participation

Students participate in various seminars/ webinar organized by different colleges/ institutions and they have also participated in online poster competition. The department also publishes the wall magazine "Geographia". Every year students take sincere initiatives to display interesting topics in the wall magazine. In this pandemic situation they have also prepared the wall magazine and released through online platform. The Department initiated its co-curricular wing for encouraging the creativity and thrives among the students of the Department beyond prescribed curriculum through poster competition, debate, quiz contest and so on. In this pandemic situation, the Department organized series of special e-lectures delivered by eminent Geographers from various Universities, research institutions etc. 

The department consists of three classrooms and one laboratory. In addition to the college central library, the department also provides seminar library facilities of total 385 books.